areas of focus

I specialize in working individually with adults who would like help with:

  • Relationships: increasing connection with others, assertiveness training, responding to conflict, overcoming difficulty trusting others
  • Mood: depression, sadness, irritability, mood swings
  • Fear: worry, anxiety, social anxiety, trauma, shyness, avoidance
  • Shame: isolation, feeling unworthy, self-blame
  • Adjusting to life transitions: emerging adulthood, partnering, changes in professional and relationship roles
  • Identity: changes in identity, visible and invisible identity experiences, stress related to stigma

an integrative approach

My approach is informed by contemporary contextual behavioral science, which means that I work with you to understand how different situations, environments, and relationships may make you vulnerable to certain issues arising. There may be times when our actions do not align with our values and how we want to "show up" in our life. It is understandable that we will sometimes get "stuck" in unhelpful patterns with ourselves and with others. When we are stuck it means the tools we are using to respond to life's challenges are too narrow. The more aware we are of how our history and beliefs are impacting us and in what situations, the better we will be at identifying when we are getting off track with living our values.  We will work together to help you respond to your difficulties more flexibly—to have more tools to work with—so that you are responding to the people and situations in your life with greater intention and effectiveness. The guiding question of our work together is how is what you are doing getting you closer to or further away from who you are or want to be?

The specific therapeutic modalities that I utilize include: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy*, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression and/or Anxiety.  *If you are specifically looking for a DBT provider please contact me to discuss this treatment. I want to ensure that I can support your needs in my practice and/or assess if a referral to a more comprehensive program is needed. 

therapeutic process & style

science & art

I am committed to a practice informed by behavioral and neurocognitive science. This means that I use tools that are proven to be effective across diagnoses/presenting problems, including mindfulness, functional behavioral analysis, and exposure. While my work is grounded in science, I don't conduct myself in therapy as "a scientist." My intention is for clients to experience our work together as an opportunity for them to work towards being who they want to be. What clients' often tell me is that the most transformative and healing aspect of our collaboration is how they feel when we are working together. This is about the therapeutic relationship; this is the "art" of therapy. Luckily science is catching up with and confirming what we as humans already know, which is that when we are seen and heard by another person who holds us with respect and compassion we are more likely to be or become who we want to be. I am committed to having my practice reflect and integrate these elements. 

our collaboration

Therapy is interactive; it's you and me in it together. As your partner, I help you identify how and when these strengths and challenges arise, inside and outside of the therapy room. When we are engaged and invested in our interactions, and aware of our impact on one another, we are creating opportunities for change to happen.

You may come to therapy with an idea of how you like to work: structured, unstructured, problem-solving, skills-building, reflection and/or processing. My request is that we both adopt a flexible stance and be mindful that the choices we are making about how we work together are effective towards your goals.

There will be times when both of us are challenged, which means that we are getting closer to something that is inviting our vulnerabilities to show up. These courageous moments are some of the most potent opportunities for growth and are central to our knowing and being our authentic selves. Your and my willingness to experiment and participate creates a unique and personalized experience.